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Testimonials about Gull Boats & RV

Excellent experience

Bought a second hand Lance pull trailer from a private party. Needed work putting on slider roller rails. From first contact to the end. Service Dept. was top notch. Alex wrote up the job and understood being from Havre, that we needed it asap so the stay was short as possible. We received a number of calls through the day with updates. We we're on our way home the next day. Thanks to Alex and the whole crew. Vic & Sara Sieglock - Victor

Knowledgeable and professional

As a novice searching for an in-bed truck camper and pickup, I hit the Internet and found Truck Camper Magazine. Research narrowed my final choice to a Northstar 850SC camper with a travelling height of 108 inches because it fits through my garage and barn doors with 1 inch to spare! At that time, the nearest Northstar sales office was in Missoula, MT at Gull Boats & Rv, about 350 miles away. I called the phone number and spoke with a knowledgeable salesperson named Alex Anderson who confirmed there was a new model on-site.

Alex and a serviceman walked us through the unit describing how things work and proving that they did work. We took lots of independent measurements, asked lots of questions, and spent a few hours touring the rest of the facility. They have toys and accessories for a lifetime of outdoor fun. Apparently, as a part of demonstrating familiarity with what they sell, the employees get to try out some of the toys, so it's no wonder they seemed content.

My wife and I returned home, took more measurements, contemplated accessories we might need, and after further research, settled on an acceptable purchase price range for the camper. Shortly thereafter we returned to Missoula. Our offer was accepted and the camper was prepped with the accessories we requested and with others suggested by experienced employees. One such accessory was a horsemat, placed on the bed of the pickup before the camper is installed each season.

We have had our camper for a year and a half now and follow-up with Alex has been more than satisfactory, from recommending a Rieco-Titan camper dolly to winterization efforts. Subsequent to our camper purchase, we have visited many other camper sales facilities that are closer but our future purchases will be through Gull Boats & Rv.
- Thomas

Friendly and helpful

Knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. They made sure I got the part I needed. I highly recommend them. Try these guys first. - Steve

Thank You

August 2018 I came in and looking for a watercraft that been wanting for last 3 year as I walk in the store a gentleman greeted me very professional and told him what I was looking for in 45 minutes found I was looking for and we wanted to report excellent customer service from your staff name Thomas very helpful and personable and did a great job. Thomas was very friendly knowledgeable answered all my questions we purchased our Sea Doo thru the phone just cannot say enough how pleasant it has been to discover that there is such thing. Thank you Gull Boat and RV. Thanks Thomas for a great customer Service and looking forward to be a lifelong customer. - Sid

Great customer service!

I wanted to report excellent care and service from your staff. Josh our salesman, was helpful and personable and did a great job. Chris,had found a few discrepancies in the boat without my knowledge but had them corrected anyway at Gulls expense. You won't find a business doing that anymore. Luke the mechanic was very informative and knowledgeable and answered all questions. Karen at service is professional and attentive to our needs. I cannot say enough how pleasant it has been discovering your place.I will be a lifelong customer, thanks gull for the superior treatment. I hope each of the people I have mentioned get recognized by the bosses as the teamwork of customer service deserves acknowledgment. - Kevin

Wonderful service department

Attention : General ManagerDear Sir or Madam:In June of last year, We purchased a new Keystone Sprinter 299RET from you. It's been a year now, We got just some warrant work completed, And we wanted to let you know how happy we are with out Sprinter, the salesperson who sold it to is, and to your wonderful service department.Dan Gustin was our sales representative. He made the sales process as smooth and trouble free as possible.... very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. That does not always happen! he also made it fun; as you can expect we were very excited. He was straight forward and confident and made us feel good about our purchase.The Sprinter has really delivered on everything we wanted. We spent the winter in trouble free comfort for the most part. The floor plan really suits us, Every thing is easy to use, Convenient to our lifestyle, And very attractive. There is ample storage as well (love the master bedroom closet.) We have received many complements from friends and family.we made an appointment in July to have some warranty work done, And while pulling in the pop-outs in for the journey to Missoula, the cable mechanism which moves the pop-outs pulled right out of the wall it was attached to. Obviously, we were very concerned, as we kind of had to pull it in maually, so we called the service department and spoke with Karen Browne. She put us at ease immediately. She was very positive and told us it could be dealt with. We drove over to Missoula on Friday July 24th and brought the Sprinter in Saturday morning. We had several issues for the service department, and were concerned that we could only leave the trailer there for the day, as we were due to leave early Sunday morning back to Bozeman for work Monday. We are very happy to say that everything, includeing the pop-out was fixed on that exact day, by a wonderful service technician names josh, who spent the entire day taking care of everything on our list. We were glad that he and Karen were there when we picked up our Sprinter, so that we co - Lance

Excellent staff

Dear Mr. Anderson:We are writing you to commend you on having very fine staff working at your business, especially Joe Rector in parts and service. Joe IS service- and we witnessed firsthand how he dealt with us, his other staff and also many customers on Saturday, June 27.

I wanted to get a replacement seat for my husbands one-man pontoon boat and when I called Friday, Joe said to come out, he would fix us up. He not only helped us select a perfect seat, but also a swivel for it so when Bob catches his trophy pike, the back of the seat wont break. I asked for specific instructions on how to install the seat on the swivel, then also onto the boat; Joe said why dont you folks go sit in the chairs and Ill be back with you in a minute

Saturday was very busy- there were three people waiting behind us but Joe and his guys got all of us in and out in less than an hour. Everyone wanted to be out on the water and your people had us all leaving with a smile. Joe went into the backroom a couple times for bolts, washers. Whatever was needed, and when he called us up to the counter, he had the seat, swivel, everything hooked up, so all we had to do when we got home was reinsert the brackets on the pontoon.

Sunday, Bob floated the river in his pontoon. It was the most relaxed I have seen him in 25 years.

He was diagnosed with stage four cancer November 2014 and has had radical radiation and receives chemotherapy every three weeks. It has weakened his muscles so I am trying to do a lot of what needs to be done. I would not have been able to figure out the bolts, nuts, washers- not to mention the muscle to install everything. Joe did it all.

Before we left the store, another service man was helping a customer and trying to get to the bottom of the problem, asked Joe for his input. Joe had a secret stash he was sure would fix the gentlemans problem and Im sure it did!
- Timi

Thank You

Thank you for making our purchase of our Northstar camper a memorable one. See you when we are ready to buy a boat! - Kent

Appreciate your help

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me with the purchase of our trailer. I enjoyed every employee I encountered - what a great buying experience.From the sales people - business office to the techs who walked me through the operations it was a pleasurable opportunity - very professional and well done.The truck pulled well and I made it home about 1:00 am, last 100 miles in a snow storm (that part wasn't enjoyable)Just wanted to say thank you to all of you at Gull Boat - Tom

Excellent experience

I just wanted to say Thank You for all the great service and help you have given me through the years. I really appreciate all you do for me. Gull is awesome! - Andy

Thank You

Thanks! Gull has always gone out of their way to help us! - Bill

Thank You

THANK YOU! GULL is #1! - Bob

Quality service with a smile!

Quality service with a smile! - Bill

Very Happy

Thank you very much! I will visit you again. I appreciate you treating me very fairly! - Chip

Thank You

I would like to say "THANK YOU" to your team. We were in a bad spot, and your staff took us in, and repaired our trailer. They provided truly remarkable service and we are so appreciative. We were customers just passing through and they treated us like family! - Randy
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