Tricks to Keeping Your RV Organized!

RVs are extremely useful for camping trips as you can load them up with virtually anything! The only challenge that arises from this is keeping everything organized! So here are a few tricks to keeping your RV organized that you can use on your next RV adventure!

Make a List

Making a list is a simple, yet effective way of keeping things organized. It will help ensure you have everything you need and aren’t packing too much! You can keep it as simple as a checklist or you can plan out meals and get really organized for the trip!

Give Everything a Place

If you sort items and give them a regular place, then it will be very easy to keep everything organized. Keep items like sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and keys near the door. Bring plenty of hangers for clothing as dresser drawers tend to be lacking in RVs. Keep those items along with bedding items in sleeping areas to avoid clutter in the main areas!

Organize the Bathroom

RV bathrooms can be on the smaller size, so organizing it can help create more space. We recommend buying some suction hooks and corner caddies that will help keep shower toiletries available without taking up too much space. Over-the-door and cabinet door hanging racks can hold towels, hairbrushes, and other items. A collapsible laundry basket is also a great investment for those who don’t have a designated spot for dirty clothes!

Know When to Pack Certain Items

Some of the items you pack won’t be staying in the RV for very long once you arrive at your destination. These items include grills, coolers, and camp chairs! So before packing everything up, keep in mind that these items will be coming out no matter what, so pack these items last! This will make it easier to remove these items when you arrive.

Take Advantage of Your Tow Vehicle

If you are towing your RV, make sure you take advantage of the tow vehicle! You can put roof racks to add more cargo space and don’t forget to use the trunk space. You don’t want to overpack your RV or else it can be even harder to organize it.


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