Tips to Maintain your Ski-Doo During Warmer Months



During these warmer months, you won’t be able to get out on the trails and ride your snowmobile. That means it’ll have to go into storage and sit there until the snow recovers your favorite trails. So here are some tips on how to maintain your Ski-Doo during the warmer months of the year!


Clean Outside

Your Ski-Doo will collect a bunch of mud, slush, and road salt throughout the season so the end of the season is the time to clean it all off. Use warm, soapy water and a sponge to clean the paint and parts rust-free. For the outside of the Ski-Doo, use a pressure washer to clean the track, suspension, and runners. Dry everything off and then apply a coat of wax to make it easier to clean in the future and also extend the life of your Ski-Doo!


Maintain the Fuel System

Before storing your Ski-Doo, make sure you fill the tank as this will reduce the risk of condensation forming and water getting into your fuel system. Add some fuel stabilizer while you fill the tank as this prevents gas solvents from breaking down and corroding the carburetor.


Fog the Engine

Fogging the engine is a process that coats the inside of your engine with oil to prevent engine failure and protect internal parts from air, moisture, and corrosion. Make sure you do this outside or in a well-ventilated area! This is a great process to keep your engine safe if you plan on keeping it stored for a long period of time.


Grease Lube Points and Chassis

Greasing the lube points and your Ski-Doo’s chassis will help prevent moisture from getting in and creating rust. For other sections that are exposed such as suspension rails, exhaust, and nuts, use WD-40 or a similar lightweight oil.


Drain the Carburetor

Draining the carburetor will help protect your Ski-Doo! This is because it will keep the fuel from evaporating and thus, there won’t be any chalky residue that could block passageways or damage metal. To do this, just remove the carburetor float bowls and drain all of the excess fuel that is in there.


Remove Battery and Belt

Taking out the battery and putting it in a safe, temperature-controlled area will help keep it safe. Make sure you either trickle charge your battery or use a battery tender to keep your battery charged during the storage. For the belt, remove it to reduce the risk of condensation building between it and the clutch. Taking it out will help keep the shape and make it rotate properly the next time you ride.


Cover Ski-Doo and Raise Off the Ground

Raising your Ski-Doo off the ground will prevent condensation from rising up it and forming rust. Raising it up will allow the suspension to relax and prevent stains of the floor too! Covering your Ski-Doo with a soft, lightweight cover will prevent scratches from happening and moisture from building up.


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