Ski-Do’s and Ski-Don’ts When Snowmobiling!

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While snowmobiling it is important to know what is acceptable and what isn’t. This will keep you and everyone around you safe on the trails and will maximize the amount of fun you have. Here are the Ski-Do’s and Ski-Don’ts to follow while you are snowmobiling! 


Ski-Do: Know the Capabilities and Characteristics of Your Sled


This will allow you to operate your snowmobile to the best of your ability. Snowmobiles have a wide range of features such as fuel capacity and engine power. Knowing how your sled operates will make the ride more enjoyable and safe. It will also help you know what terrain you can and can’t tackle based on your sled. 


Ski-Don’t: Get Close to Other Snowmobilers and Recreationists


Snowmobiles are powerful vehicles, so operating them safely is the number one priority. Getting too close to others while on the trails jeopardizes the safety of you and the other people around you. Always maintain a safe following distance and be aware of what is around you. 


Ski-Do: Follow the Rules of the Trails


Following the rules of the trails is very important. Obeying speed limits and staying on snowmobile-acceptable trails will give you the best experience. Not following these rules can result in injury or fines! 


Ski-Don’t: Engage in Reckless, Careless, or Inappropriate Behavior


Never use alcohol or drugs when operating snowmobiles. This can lead to reckless, careless, or inappropriate behavior. Always think about what is right and whether or not your actions on the trails will affect the safety of yourself and others. 


Ski-Do: Check the Weather Report Before Heading Out


With snowmobiling taking place in pretty tough terrain, it is important to always check how the weather will be. You never want to be caught in heavy snowfall or rain when snowmobiling, so plan ahead and find a day where the weather will be friendly!


Ski-Don’t: Overload a Snowmobile


Snowmobiles are specially designed to accommodate a certain amount of baggage and people. Overloading the amount that is on the snowmobile can affect the performance of the sled and can damage it as well. Never ride double on a snowmobile if it isn’t designed for two people unless absolutely necessary. 


Ski-Do: Wear Protective Equipment and Proper Clothing 


Things like helmets and goggles should be worn to protect your head and eyes. Wearing the proper snow jacket, snow pants, gloves, and footwear are also important as this will keep you dry! Layering up underneath your snow pants and snow jacket will help keep you warm. Pack an extra pair of socks as they are very vulnerable to getting wet! 


Ski-Don’t: Disturb the Wildlife


We are lucky enough to be able to experience nature and its glory while snowmobiling, so don’t go out of your way to disturb it. Try to avoid running over plants that can be avoided and let animals be if you see them along your ride!


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