Our Favorite Boating Activities For the Summer!

The hot summer sun is out, so it’s time to get on the boat! Getting out on the water is a must this summer, but we need to right activities to pair with the boat to make the most of it! So let’s take a look at our favorite boating activities to do this summer!


Whether you are boating on freshwater or saltwater, there is always the potential for fishing! Fishing out on a boat allows you to try many different locations rather than just sitting on the dock or shore! This makes it a bit more entertaining and you never know, maybe the fish will be biting more while you’re on the boat!


Many boats are already set up for wakeboarding, so all you need are the life jackets, a tow rope, and the actual wakeboard! A good wakeboard and tow rope can be purchased online for about $300 and it is well worth it! You can use these for years to come and have tons of fun while doing so! Wakeboarding can lead to hours of fun and exercise while boating and can also lead to some competition between passengers!

Water Skiing

Water skiing was the way to go before wakeboarding! Many actually prefer water skiing to wakeboarding as you start out in a much easier position to get started. A good pair of water skis can also be much less expensive than a wakeboard! Water skis can also be used for many years so the investment is worth it as you’ll have hours and hours of fun while water skiing during the summer!

Riding Tow-Toys

Inflatable toys are not only for kids now that tow-toys are around! These tow-toys come in all shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options for the number of passengers and how fast you want to go. Some of these tow-toys can bring quite the adrenaline rush while others can be used to chill and have a drink on the water. The smaller tow-toys can be purchased online for less than $100, so find your perfect tow-toy and get out on the water!

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and scuba diving are very fun boating activities if you’re in the right location! You can get in the water and take in a whole different world! You can swim with the fishes and explore the coral reefs while snorkeling or get down a bit deeper by scuba diving! This may be a bit more unorthodox compared to the other activities, but it can be just as entertaining as them!


If you are looking for a boat to try out these activities, then check out Gull Boats and RV! We have a variety of boats that are perfect for participating in these activities. For more information, check out our website, give us a call at 406-549-6169, or come visit the store!

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