Must-Visit Bike Trails in the Northwest!



A very fun summer activity that you can do with friends and family is biking! Biking is becoming increasingly popular and the trails you can ride can make your experience better. So let’s take a look at some must-visit bike trails in the Northwest!


Sammamish River Trail (Washington)

The Sammamish River Trail is a great bike trail that’s approximately 10 miles long! It is completely paved so the ride will be smooth and give you the opportunity to take in some of the natural beauty around you. You’ll be biking along the Sammamish River so you’ll get great views of that, along with views of the Sammamish River Valley, Cascade Foothills, and Mt. Rainier! This is a very popular bike trail for locals so be prepared to bike with some company!


Corral Creek (Idaho)

If you are looking for a fun trail that isn’t too difficult, check out Corral Creek! This fun, fast trail is a single track that navigates along Corral Creek. It is about 8 miles long and is out and back, making it really good for beginning riders who want to get out on the trails! It can also be a great warmup ride for those who are a bit more advanced riders, so grab a group of friends and visit Corral Creek!


Going-to-the-Sun Road (Montana)

The Going-to-the-Sun Road bike trail is the perfect way to see Glacier National Park and all of its glory. Arguably one of the most scenic roads in America, this trail is fantastic for those who are on a road trip or a biking enthusiast! We suggest coming before it is opened to vehicular traffic or during slower hours of the day as some of the trail is on the roads! With that said, this is one trail you cannot miss out on if you are in the area!


Snoqualmie Valley Trail (Washington)

Stretching from McCormick Park in Duvall to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend, this trail is a must-visit! The Snoqualmie Valley Trail was converted to a multi-use “rail trail” in 1986 and has been loved by bikers ever since. You’ll go along some of the most spectacular stretches on land where you’ll witness forests, rivers, mountains, and more. This is a crushed gravel trail that is relatively flat and has little elevation, so it is great for bikers of all experience levels!


Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway (Oregon)

If you want a low-traffic ride that will still be super fun, check out Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. Starting at Champoeg State Park, you’ll witness beautiful Willamette River, Willamette Mission State Park, and several historic buildings. This bike trail stretches over 130 miles so you can gauge how far you go! Fun fact, this is actually Oregon’s first scenic bikeway and has been a state favorite for over a hundred years!

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