Missoula Summer Activities

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Missoula Summer Activities

Summer in Missoula may be short-lived, but it has an extensively long list of activities that make this season the highlight of the year for Montanans. Gull Boats & RV is here to tell you how you should spend your summer in Missoula in order to get the most out of the season! *Keep in mind that COVID-19 may have affected the availability of some of these activities in 2020, but nevertheless Missoulians should look forward to them in following years. Many activities are still happening or can be done with safe social distancing procedures. 


Mountain Biking:

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Missoula has tons of trails that are waiting for you to get out and conquer them! You can bring your family or friends on your adventure as you’ll find there’s a trail ready for you no matter your level of expertise! Mountain bikers enjoy trails at Blue Mountain, the Rattlesnake, and other fantastic trailheads!


The Outdoor Markets:

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Take in the beauty of Missoula AND support local agriculture. There are a ton of delicious, fresh food options and these markets are also great places to peruse local arts and crafts.

There are a few options in Missoula so we suggest checking out the following:

Missoula Farmers’ Market

Clark Fork Market

Missoula People’s Market



Missoula is an amazing city with a vibrant community. It’s an amazing sight to behold when everyone comes together to celebrate. Missoula’s summer festivals usually include Out to Lunch and Downtown ToNight, the Celtic Festival, the River City Roots Festival, and more. 


Road Trips:

While you can partake in this activity any time of the year, we find that it is so much more fun (and safe) when you don’t have to worry about black ice, blizzards, and bad road conditions. Check out some of the small towns nearby, or take a drive on one of Montana’s beautiful back roads! 


Paddleheads Games:

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Watching a game from Missoula’s professional baseball team is a summer must-do if you ask us. Osprey continuously leads the way in summer sports and it’s no surprise why. This is fun for the whole family and we can’t recommend it enough!


Wilderness Areas:

Though we love winter, summer is the best time to see all of the gorgeous nature Missoula has to offer. During summer, Missoula’s many seasonal access points open up. If you’ve gone to any of the amazing wilderness areas around Missoula during the winter, we suggest taking a gander once more now that the snow has melted.


Huckleberry Picking:

Did somebody say homemade jam and ice cream toppings? Huckleberries are an alpine staple and we can’t get enough of them! This activity requires an adventurous spirit as the huckleberry patches grow in the wilderness every summer and are never quite in the same spot twice. Take a drive into the mountains and hike into the wilderness and you just might reach the patches of delicious berries. We believe it is truly a quintessential Missoula experience.


Looking for a way to use your brand new RV?  Camping is an absolute must during summer in Missoula! Grab your camper and head out to new sites! You can bring your significant other or your family and friends and experience the beauty of Big Sky Country! Need a new RV? Check out our amazing inventory!

Water Activities:

Though you can participate in most water activities, like fishing and paddle boarding, during autumn and spring, nothing beats summer on the water! Summer is by far the best time of the year to enjoy paddleboarding, fishing, floating the river on inner tubes, boating, riding your PWC, and kayaking. Missoula is the perfect location for locals and visitors alike, to enjoy the water.  Missoula has the perfect lakes and bodies of water to enjoy summer and partake in the epitome of summertime excitement in Missoula.

So get on out and play. With this many reasons to be excited about summer in Missoula, why would you want to be anywhere else? If you need any equipment prior to beginning your exciting summer journey, check out our HUGE inventory of boats, PWCs, and RVs! If you have any questions, reach out to our amazing team of experts at 406-549-6169 or visit us in person at 2601 West Broadway, Missoula, MT 59808.




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