Best Places to Take Your Kids Fishing: Montana 

If you’re an avid angler, chances are you still remember your first trip out to the lake. Maybe it wasn’t the most successful day of fishing you’ve ever had but you probably still fondly remember going to the lake with friends or family to catch rainbow trout and smallmouth bass.

If you have children, fishing becomes a totally different experience. Fishing with your kids isn’t just good fun, it’s also one of the best ways to instill a love for nature and the great outdoors in them, especially in the beautiful state of Montana! Fishing teaches kids about the natural cycles of life, where food comes from, as well as valuable self-sufficiency skills that last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for your kid’s first fishing adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Rock Creek

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Rock Creek is a blue-ribbon trout stream about 20 minutes east of Missoula. The creek has both day use and overnight camping areas. This is an area where you and the kids could walk up to the water in and cast from shore with regular fishing equipment. If your kids are older, you can take them to this location for some quality fly fishing experience! Rock Creek is most famous for its fly fishing. 

If your children are younger and more suited to fishing a small lake or pond environment, you can have them cast out a worm and bobber from the shore. 

Beavertail Pond

Beavertail Pond is in Beavertail Hill State Park (approximately 26 miles east of Missoula) and is great for small creek fishing with young children. You can find trout, bass, and perch in this little oasis. Have your kids try fishing with lures, bait, and flies in this awesome beginner’s paradise!

Salmon Lake

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Salmon Lake is located in Salmon Lake State Park which is just 45 minutes northeast of Missoula. You can spend the day there or make it an overnight adventure and camp at the Salmon Lake Campground. This area is perfect for your little one’s first camping trip as you can find rainbow trout, cutthroat, brown, brook and bull trout, largemouth bass, white mountain whitefish, kokanee salmon, yellow perch, and northern pike in this amazing fishing hole. 

It’s the perfect location for the family to spend a lake day and see a variety of species on land and water!

Seeley Lake 

Seeley Lake is the perfect location for small children to get a handle on the art of fishing, and people of all ages flock to this beautiful lake for a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. The most commonly found species in this lake is bass but you can also find kokanee salmon, bull trout, whitefish, perch, and bluegills. If you want to take a minivacation and prolong your stay, the area boasts some amazing trails, waterfalls, and resorts! For an explosion of color, visit Seeley Lake in the fall (end of September – mid-October) to see the western larches in their full golden orange splendor!

Georgetown Lake

Though this location is the farthest from Missoula on our list (approximately 90 minutes southeast), we think it’s worth the trip! It is a blue-ribbon fishery with trophy-sized rainbow and brook trout, and large numbers of kokanee salmon. The area is abundant with wildlife and your little one is sure to see their fair share of fish species. 

We hope this helped you plan your next big fishing adventure with your children! If you are looking for a boat before you head out to one of these amazing locations, we have a HUGE inventory of boats in stock. Visit or visit one of our store locations to shop our large selection of boats! Call for more details.

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