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Wakesurfing and wakeboarding, in general, are heavily dependent on the wake created by your boat. Some boats just don’t seem to cut it in terms of creating good rideable wakes. Keep reading for some tips to help you achieve a better wake!

Ways to improve your wake

Wake shapers can be added to your existing inboard boat and will greatly improve your surfing wake.  There are a couple of different models on the market and they all work in similar ways.  We suggest getting a shaper with suction cups so you can easily move it around on the hull to get a perfect wave.  The other neat thing about shapers is that you can move them from one side to the other if you have goofy or regular foot surfers.  They also make the transition from surfing to wakeboarding quicker because you generally weigh the backend of the boat evenly.  Most Wake Shapers attached on the opposite side you surf.  But there are plenty of other ways to improve your wake than just buying a wake shaper. We have listed some general tips below to ensure you have the best wake possible!

Speed Is Important When Wakesurfing

This one doesn’t take much effort, other than fine-tuning your speed or making sure it’s consistent.  You can surf at various speeds and sometimes you will have to adjust due to extra people in the boat or different weight with your ballast system.  The common range is around 9-14 mph.  Again every boat, hull, and boat weight is different so there isn’t a magic number.  If your boat has cruise control and automatic settings you can dial it in once and get pretty close every time you go out.  If not you will be doing some small adjustments on the fly.  Remember to make small adjustments when you’re adjusting speed – it’s safer for the passengers and the person surfing.  

Surf in the deepest part of the lake to get the biggest wave 

Surf in the deepest part of the lake to get the biggest wave. It helps to know the layout of the lake. Additionally, most boats are equipped with a depth finder. If you can stay in areas 10ft and deeper, your wave will be higher and longer.  Once you’re past 20 ft you won’t notice big changes, but going from a 20ft depth to a 6 ft depth shows drastic changes in the wake size. 

One of the best ways to ensure you have the best wake possible is by having a boat designed for water sports. You can view Gull Boats & RVs selection of Surf Boats by clicking here!



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