Overnight PWC Adventures

Overnight PWC Adventures: What You Need to Know PWCs are meant for adventure, and that people should be looking to set out for the horizon…rather than just spin another lap around the same old bay.   PWC like this SEA-DOO … Continued

Sea Dos and Sea Donts

Sea Do’s and Sea Don’ts When it comes to vehicle learning curves, Sea-Doos are typically among the easier vehicles to learn how to ride. However, there are just some things that aren’t told to you right off the bat, such … Continued

Personal Watercraft Safety Tips

Personal Watercraft Safety Tips There’s nothing like a day on the water – riding waves, the wind in your hair, and the sun on your face. Riding a personal watercraft (PWC) can be thrilling, but like operating any other vessel, … Continued

Better Wake-Surfing Wake

Tips To Get a Better Wakesurfing Wave Wakesurfing and wakeboarding, in general, are heavily dependent on the wake created by your boat. Some boats just don’t seem to cut it in terms of creating good rideable wakes. Keep reading for … Continued

Missoula Summer Activities

Missoula Summer Activities Summer in Missoula may be short-lived, but it has an extensively long list of activities that make this season the highlight of the year for Montanans. Gull Boats & RV is here to tell you how you … Continued

First Time Sea-Doo Questions

5 Things to Know for First Time Sea-Doo Riders We can all agree that safety should come first regardless of what it is you are doing. So when it comes to riding a Sea-Doo for the first time, there are … Continued

PWC Buying Guide

Personal WaterCraft (PWC) Buying Guide Personal watercrafts (PWCs) offer nimble handling and amazing performance all wrapped up in a package that is affordable and easy to own! We argue that there is no boating option that offers more bang for … Continued

PWC Terminology

At Gull Boats & RV, we know that there’s no better feeling than jetting across the water, catching waves on a PWC (also known as a “Personal Watercraft”). To help point you in the right direction, we’ve created this handy … Continued